False fraud phone calls

We have had reports of members being called stating that their credit card had been compromised and asking for his card number and other financial information.  The number on caller id was 850-628-6672.  This is not a valid phone number for Bay Credit Union nor any of our vendors.  (10/3/17)


Equifax 9/12/17

Equifax announces a cybersecurity incident potentially impacting U.S consumers.  For more information, click here.

Home Equity Loans

Turn the equity in your house into cash for your home purchases.  Apply for a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) today! (8/4/17)


CardValet and Credit Cards

CardValet now works for both debit and credit cards.  Get the same instant alerts for your credit card that you get with your debit card.  Just add your credit card into the same app and help protect them both with your phone.  (5/31/17)


CardValet - Let your phone protect your wallet

Click here for CardValet demo

 Payment cards offer both convenience and risk. You can make purchases easily, but if your cards fall into the wrong hands, your personal accounts are vulnerable. Safeguard your information with CardValet, the mobile app that lets you protect your cards against fraud and theft by receiving real-time alerts to ensure your cards are used only by you. (5/1/17)



New Board Member

We would like to welcome Kelli Garrett, a local realtor, to the Board of Directors. (12/7/16)


Home Mortgage Center opens

Our Home Mortgage Center is now open at our Lynn Haven location.  Call directly at 850-814-7325 for help in refinancing your current home or purchasing a new one in Bay or surrounding counties.  Click here to apply for a mortgage (10/25/16)


NSF notification change

We are speeding up notification of insufficient funds notifications (NSF) by exclusively sending them by eNotification in Netbranch.



Large Cash Transactions

Federal law requires us to report currency (cash or coin) transactions over $10,000 to the government.
Click here for more information



New counties added for membership

If you live or work in Bay, Gulf, Jackson, Walton or Washington counties, you may now be eligible to become a member of Bay Credit Union.



Refer a friend, earn up to $50 each

Refer a friend, neighbor, family member or co-worker for services and earn FAST CASH.
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Term Share Certificates Share Rates Loan Rates Fee Schedule

Effective as of: JUNE 1, 2018
Membership Share$5.00Par value; Must purchase five (5) shares
Savings Dormant Account Fee$5.00Per quarter if savings, or loan account has no activity after one (1) year and account balance is under $50
Savings, Club, Money Market, and IRA Savings Accumulator Transaction Fee$3.00Per withdrawal/transfer if over three (3) withdrawals/transfers per month
Returned Deposit Item Fee$5.00Per Item
Returned Deposit Item Fee$50.00Self to Self Checks (Per Item)
Checking Dormant Account Fee $5.00Per quarter if checking or loan account has no activity after one (1) year and account balance is under $50
NSF Fee$27.50Per item
Returned Deposit Item Fee$5.00Per item
Returned Deposit Item Fee$50.00Self to Self Checks (Per Item)
Check Printing FeeVariesPrices may vary depending on style
Stop Payment Fee$20.00If done by Credit Union
$5.00If done by Telephone Teller or Internet
Overdraft Protection Fee$3.00If over three (3) transfers per month
Debit Card$15.00Replacement card fee
Rush Order for Debit/Credit Card$80.00
Fraud on Debit CardMember is responsible for the first $50.00
OTHER SERVICE FEES(Applicable to all accounts)
Account Closing Fee $25.00 If closing account within six (6) months of account opening.
Abused Account Fee $35.00
Bad Address Fee$10.00Per quarter
Account Research Fee$15.00Per hour with minimum charge of $5.00
Account Histories Printout Fee$1.00Per page
Statement Copy Fee$1.00Per Page
Check Copy - Copy of Paid Draft Fee$5.00Per copy
Fax Fee - Members Only$2.00Per page - Incoming / Outgoing
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee$15.00
Check Cashing for Saving Account Only$5.00
Gift Cards$3.00
Money Order Fee$2.50 Golden Opportunity Accounts - No Charge
Paper Statement Fee$2.00Per month to mail paper statement
Loan Hardship ExtensionN/APer Loan - One (1) extension per loan per year.
Skip Pay$25.00Per Loan Two (2) Skip Pay per loan year
Convenience Fee$5.00Loan payments made by phone using a Visa or MasterCard.
ATM NSF Fee $27.50Per item
ACH Stop Payment Fee$20.00Per ACH transaction
Foreign ACH Posting$5.00Per Item
Wire Transfer Fee$5.00Per incoming transfer
Wire Transfer Fee$20.00Per outgoing transfer
Popmoney$2.003-day delivery, per outgoing transaction
$10.00Next day delivery, per outgoing transaction
$1.003-day delivery, per incoming transaction
Annual Rental$20.00 Size: 3 x 5
Annual Rental$30.00Size: 3 x 10
Annual Rental$40.00Sixe: 5 x 1
Annual Rental$80.00Sixe: 10 x 10
Replacement Key FeeAt Cost
Drilling FeeAt Cost
SavingsDeposit of $30.00 to open account
CheckingDeposit of $50.00 to open account
Transaction Fee$0.10Per transaction in excess of 100 - First 100 transactions per month are free

For any issues please email complaint@baycu.com